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Company Name : Wize Academy, USA

Country : India

exp : 4-7 Years

website :


About Wize Academy:

✔️ Established over 6 years ago in Dallas, Texas.
✔️ Taught 10000+ students.
✔️ Conducted 5000+ online and in-person sessions.
✔️ Present in multiple locations in the US and Canada.
✔️ Won numerous awards at coding & robotics competitions like First LEGO League & AI Coding League. 

At Wize Computing Academy our goal is to prepare students to apply computing concepts to address real-world problems. Our projects are meticulously designed to be fun and to follow Computer Science standards.


- Learners learn new concepts without even realizing it!

- Low student-to-instructor ratio to provide personalized 1-on-1 instruction

- Students learn from a combination of online and offline material

- All-adult & tech-savvy instructors with a background in computer science

- Prepare our students to think, learn, problem-solve, be self-confident, collaborate, and create!

- Teach important 21st-century skills including 3D Modeling & Design, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Augmented & Virtual Reality


Wize Computing Academy is founded by seasoned technologists who have incorporated approaches and techniques used in the tech industry in the curriculum to ensure that learners learn-by-doing by following a well-proven project-based approach.


Specific information about our pathway and approach can be found here:


Since our inception we have taught thousands of students across the globe, our students perform exceedingly well at coding and robotics competitions, please see for additional information


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