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Company Name : Learning Unconfined

Country : India

exp : More Than 10 Years

website : LearnUP 365


I am Tushar Deshpande. I teach English to students who are in pursuit of International curriculums like IB, IGCSE. I also guide students who are undergoing indigenous curriculums like CBSE and ICSE with English language skills. Apart from that, another feature of my repertoire is helping adult learners to acquire a sound grip on their communication and interactive skills, which are essential in today's competitive world. Armed with my graduation degree and an innovative marketing mind, I plunged straight into the ever so demanding and grueling corporate world. Although, I was doing reasonably well and getting a six figure salary, never the less, I wasn't waking up to anything exciting! Henceforth, my advent in the domain of pedagogy was propelled by two reasons: A. Dissatisfaction in corporate life. B. Presence of a teacher/mentor underlying in the intrinsic core of my being. But to awaken the mentor inside me was a big challenge as it required the sacrifice of materialistic gains provided by the alluring, jet set corporate lifestyle. But, let me tell you, that in hindsight, it was the best decision of my life. Why? You may ask! Well, simply because the joy of cracking a big marketing deal is nothing compared to nurturing a raw talent which might have gotten curbed due to the absence of a dedicated mentor.( Which I believe happens many times in the complex world that we live in). Today, the purpose of my life is well defined and extremely fulfilling. The challenges faced by the students today in their academic journey are far too many, but I feel that I mentor them to make it a joyous and a unique learning experience rather than a race which is to be won at any cost.